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... of talking heads including Jeremy Dauber, Joseph Dorman, Fyvush Finkel, Gilbert Gottfried, Sheldon Harnick, Allen Lewis Rickman, and Dr. Ruth...
Chicago Jewish Community Online · Jan. 23, 2015
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It hasn't happened since the 2002 draft netted corners Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown and safety Michael Lewis.
Philadelphia Inquirer · Jan. 21, 2015  Explore story »
2. Jimmy Sheldon, Ontario 23.13; 3. Isaac Lewis, TC 23.98 100 butterfly: 1. Chad Wright, Ontario 54.56; 2. Kyle Cordrey, Ontario 57.70;
Mansfield News Journal · Jan. 26, 2015
But 3-pointers from Antonio Lewis (of Sheldon) and Devin Moss (of Rocklin) kept Sierra College well ahead.
The Press Tribune · Jan. 26, 2015
... died in Oct. 2014 and his siblings, Edna Sheldon, Joe McCool, Ed McCool, Tim McCool, Vin McCool, Bill McCool, Lawrence McCool and Lewis McCool.
Kentucky Messenger Inquirer · Jan. 18, 2015