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Romesh Ranganathan Ranganathan used to be school teacher before he became a comedian.
Pop Matters · 7 hours ago
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Here's a bit of background: My name is Prasanna Ranganathan. ... Yay me! 2) Don't worry Barbara. I realize it wasn't spam.
Huffington Post · 19 hours ago
York, Zhen Liu, Tarrytown, New York, Anand Ranganathan, White Plains ... *** AT&T Intellectual Property I Assigned Patent for Semantic Information
TMC Net · 44 hours ago
23S: 855-860. Bijanzadeh E, Nosrati K, Egan T (2010) Influence of seed priming techniques on germination and emergence of rapeseed (Brassica...
TMC Net · Oct. 17, 2014
... it is obvious the quality of architects and engineers that AAI has is questionable,” said Mohan Ranganathan, an aviation safety analyst. · Oct. 14, 2014  Explore story »
Junior Eishna Ranganathan penned an editorial opposing the other editors’ ban of the word, back when the battle started.
The Intelligencer · Oct. 14, 2014  Explore story »
Jose, California, Dylan Joseph Boday, Tucson, Arizona, Icko E.T. Iben, San ... a patent (8,856,060) developed by Anand Ranganathan, Stamford, ...
TMC Net · Oct. 13, 2014