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4. Asked if the game would become an annual event, AFL scheduling boss ... playing Melbourne in the lead-up to such an auspicious occasion.” Five
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To mark this auspicious occasion, a devotional concert of Annamacharya ... from the large number of music enthusiasts who attended this event.
IndiaPost · 58 minutes ago
I connected with Laurie Cohen, the event organizer, to get the inside ... with many decked out in their glad rags for this auspicious occasion.
Maine Today · 4 hours ago
... body of controlling cricket in Kuwait is under the auspicious of Kuwait ... and Mr. Sajid Ashraf has been nominated as the Event Manger / ...
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... to congratulate members of the embassy on this auspicious occasion. ... He thanked the management of MOL for sponsoring the event, admitting ...
The News International · 32 hours ago
... it is an event which includes for the present (may it long perpetuate) the tranquillity of Europe and the pacification of the world. · Oct. 28, 2014
There was an incredible buzz about the event. Building on an auspicious debut, the fair looked like becoming a reliable annual fixture.
Irish Times · Oct. 27, 2014
... people with arthritis whose aching joints have no auspicious abilities. ... In the event of a major storm, I think I could do pretty well for
Wired News · Oct. 28, 2014
Television Animation will be commemorating this auspicious occasion ... pieces that could then be showcased in the Halloween adjacent event.
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... a turnout of over 3 lakh devotees at the ghat, event organisers Akhil ... Mela ground) in Lucknow will be celebrating the auspicious occasion ...
Times of India · Oct. 26, 2014