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"They're totally disconnected from anything on campus," Dr. Bruce Myers, chair of the APSU Department of Computer Science and Information...
TMC Net · 36 hours ago
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... really surreal, and in a way I feel kind of disconnected from it. ... Steven and Sandy have their ideas, which are totally out of left field, ...
Entertainment Weekly Online · 27 hours ago  Explore story »
... in the Automotive Universe the right choice was made, thank goodness.) The Mustang 1 wasn’t totally disconnected from the final design for... · Apr. 12, 2014
More than anything, "Joe" feels like a portrait of a lost, rural world, one totally disconnected from the America seen on television every day.
Miami Herald · Apr. 11, 2014  Explore story »
... on ahead twirling their hair, singing along, or totally zoned out ... climbing a large hill the battery tipped over, disconnected itself, fell
Jalopnik · Apr. 11, 2014
It was bliss, just for once, to be disconnected from the outside world. ... We returned home feeling totally refreshed.
The Australian · Apr. 11, 2014
... ditzy one-liners, and in one of the play’s longest speeches, in which Pony leaps from one disconnected thought to another, she almost stops...
Epoch Times · Apr. 09, 2014  Explore story »
I liked it quite a bit, but the disconnected narrative and awkward ... Also, this game is scarier than Dead Space ever was. Totally serious.
Game Informer Magazine · Apr. 10, 2014