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... until their paperwork has been completed, Wismar said. Citing the difficulty in securing an adequate number of substitutes, Wismar said...
Bradford Era · Sep. 16, 2014
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"I thought it was an extraordinary day," said Drive to End Hunger director C.B. Wismar.
Waterbury Republican American · 27 hours ago
According to AARP vice president for events C.B. Wismar, who moderated the interview, the Drive to End Hunger became the first cause to appear...
Register Citizen · 38 hours ago
Mile Wismar; Lindon Couchman, 50, a businessman of Lot 244 South Amelia’s Ward; Marvis Fraser, aged 27, a labourer of Lot 43 Block 22 Wismar...
Guyana Chronicle Online · Sep. 16, 2014

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