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Meanwhile, leaflets and graffiti in support of the Islamic State (IS) group, which controls territory in Syria and Iraq, have appeared in...
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... between then emerging companies and service providers such as artists, actors and musicians: In 2005, a graffiti artist accepted stock in lieu...
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... indictment, the men set fire to a classroom in the Hand-in-Hand school last month and sprayed anti-Arab graffiti on the walls of its courtyard.
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His art is aligned with free figuration drawing of caricature figures, with graffiti origins.
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... lobby) features gold-dusted accents and bold furniture as well as a local interpretation of Bogota’s urban art by Vertigo Graffiti.
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... look at class and race in present-day New York, as seen through the eyes of two teenage graffiti artists (the remarkably naturalistic first...
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Throwing a cow’s head in front of a Hindu temple is also desecration, as is spraying graffiti on Buddhist statues at Thean How Temple.
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The 2015 Artists, Groups, DJs, B-Boys/Girls, and Graffiti Writers Inductees names will be unveiled to the world at the Hip Hop Hall of Fame...
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... fading facades, illegal stalls all around the neighbourhood, cars parked haphazardly, rubbish all over, unsightly graffiti of gang numbers and...
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By MIAMI (Reuters) - A graffiti artist who went by the nickname "Demz" died after being hit by a police car during a chase amid the height of Miami's ...
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