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... of several homes tend to blend together in a tired brain by day's end. ... Older couples are "aging in place" and nearby commercial properties ...
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Aging Baby Boomers can probably conjure up memories of a time when ... abnormalities similar to the effects seen in mild traumatic brain injuries.
Huffington Post · Dec. 22, 2014
... part of our brain lights up when we help others. That part of our brain ... A study done by Psychology & Aging reports those adults over 50 ...
Huffington Post · Dec. 22, 2014
... dangerous in terms of addiction potential and also brain injury.  High ... because I’d learned about it from observing my aging mother.  My
Psychology Today · Dec. 22, 2014
... making may be more 'golden' than a slowing brain might otherwise ... credit scores and financial decisions despite cognitive aging," was ... · Dec. 22, 2014
... to further scientific exchanges between neurologists and brain surgeons ... People are getting older and more aging-related diseases are ...
Prensa Latina · Dec. 22, 2014
... they also aid brain development, reproduction and defense against ... the human microbiome to favor bacteria like H. pylori that target the ...
Medical News Today · Dec. 22, 2014
Have a daughter give you a gift your aging brain cannot handle? The IT people say, "Here, let me help you." and they do.
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Detox is designed to offset damage to the liver, brain, and other ... be depleted as a result of poor lifestyle choices, stress or natural aging.
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