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In those days, steroids and antibiotics were not part of a sabungero’s animal husbandry kit, so it was perfectly safe to cook and eat...
Manila Bulletin · Apr. 16, 2014
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With common-sense animal husbandry practices like space and cleanliness, less than one percent of the animals on our suppliers' farms get sick.
Huffington Post · Apr. 17, 2014
Jordy trains to become a doctor, while Judy abandons her animal husbandry studies to marry sweetheart Bob Dace (Earl Holliman), who has just...
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... goal to continue to introduce commonly applied Western methodologies, medicines and supplements to the animal husbandry ecosystem within China.
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There are also accusations that Naik was involved in a recruitment scam in the department of animal husbandry and veterinary services when he...
Times of India · Apr. 16, 2014