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French forces had battled a militant group of ... helicopters, a statement from the army chief of ... might be linked to al Qaeda's North African ...
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Free Syrian Army rebels have told the U.S ... Al-Nusra (a temporary ISIS ally) in the north. ... to Nusra in this area," Shahbandar, whose group ...
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2014. Jerusalem — Israel believes the militant group Hezbollah has ... of Israeli forces on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts, told Army Radio.
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The Islamic State (IS) group have claimed that an ... army, supported by "fighters of the popular crowd" -- a reference to Shi'a militia -- "north
Radio Free Europe · 38 hours ago
... a shift in strategy for the group, which has ... — has claimed to be an ex-army officer in ... Originally from Mardan in Pakistan's North ... · 41 hours ago