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... making it impossible to travel from north to ... mobile hospitals that the American Army plans to ... The corporate group led by ...
Fortune · 19 hours ago
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Tulsa World · 22 hours ago
2014. Jerusalem — Israel believes the militant group Hezbollah has ... of Israeli forces on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts, told Army Radio.
Forward · 42 hours ago  Explore story »
The Islamic State (IS) group have claimed that an ... army, supported by "fighters of the popular crowd" -- a reference to Shi'a militia -- "north
Radio Free Europe · 39 hours ago
... incident yesterday, the country’s army said on its ... a group of five, comprising two Su-24, two MiG-31 and one Su-27 fighter, a day after ...
BusinessWeek · 30 hours ago  Explore story »
Army spokesman Maj. Gen. ... on Wednesday that the operations in North Waziristan ... a sanctuary for local and foreign militant group until the · 42 hours ago  Explore story »
A militant group in Sinai is suspected of ... after being destroyed by the Egyptian army on the ... declare a state of emergency across North ...
Christian Science Monitor · 30 hours ago  Explore story »
The North African country has had two governments and parliaments since a militia group from ... near the airport, an area the army had declared
Reuters India · 45 hours ago  Explore story »
10 AM BAGHDAD — Islamic State group militants ... summer, Iraq's U.S.-trained army and security ... captured key cities and towns in country's ...
Seattle Times · 40 hours ago  Explore story »