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UKRAINE Ukraine's geography offers a wide range of climate and terrain, stretching from the Carpathian mountains to the Crimean Sea . The...
Huffington Post · Jul. 11, 2014
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... hours northeast of Bucharest, we took a right towards Transylvania and got caught in a horse-drawn hay-cart jam in the Carpathian mountains.
New Zealand Herald · Jul. 09, 2014
A T-shirt with printed picture of a woman with nimbus that is made of poppies and Carpathian Mountains on her skirt tops the sales so far. · Jul. 10, 2014
A local guide leads us on a walking tour of this intriguing city at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, then we spend the afternoon...
The Australian · Jul. 07, 2014
The flight after theirs hit the Carpathian Mountains and all aboard the plane died. Abe and his parents lived in Milan for nearly five years.
Jewish News of Greater Phoenix · Jul. 02, 2014
Quaternary Chrysophycean stomatocysts in a Southern Carpathian mountain ... a mountain lake sediment sequence from the Retezat Mountains , in the · Jul. 02, 2014