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"Thankfully there was no cartilage damage. It was bone bruising and a slight strain in his calf," Adams told BBC Radio Norfolk.
BBC · 34 hours ago
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There is no cartilage in Snee’s right elbow and, according to a source, he has weighed trying to extend his career with the risk of possible...
New York Post · 39 hours ago  Explore story »
"My nose was too badly broken, with the cartilage hanging off — it was the only option — but I would have to wait a year before it could...
New York Daily News · 25 hours ago
Herniated (bulging) discs The cartilage between the vertebrae may weaken and become displaced, pushing into the space containing the spinal...
EMax Health · 46 hours ago
Declawing involves 10 separate painful amputations of the last joint of each toe, including the bones, cartilage, and claws.
PETA · 25 hours ago
... muscles hold the joint steady and cartilage allows the joint to move without friction or pain. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage becomes rough...
Minyanville · 25 hours ago
... season, and it became intolerable during the couple weeks before he elected to have surgery to clean up the cartilage damage in his left wrist.
Hardball Times · 34 hours ago
The supplement is formulated to help protect cartilage, decrease painful inflammation and enhance mobility of the joints.
Minyanville · 46 hours ago
... explains why the righthanded Oklahoman, just 32 years old and walking on a knee with no remaining cartilage, is looking forward to spring...
Minneapolis Star Tribune · Jul. 19, 2014