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... no causality so far There is a rise in dengue, malaria and viral fevers in Kadapa district causing concern among the people, but the situation...
The Hindu · 14 hours ago
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In clinical trials, regardless of causality assessment, the most frequent side effects for ZETIA coadministered with a statin versus a statin...
Yahoo! Finance · Nov. 17, 2014  Explore story »
To eliminate the possibility of reverse causality, any patients with evidence of cognitive decline or dementia were excluded.
Medscape · Nov. 17, 2014  Explore story »
But the arrow of causality runs from high joblessness to better benefits, not from better benefits to high joblessness.
BusinessWeek · Nov. 17, 2014
... frequently been “resistant to systems of rational causality; the current horror film amplifies the disappearance of causality by debunking...
Bright Lights Film Journal · Nov. 18, 2014
... statement , Communication , Business law , King Digital Entertainment PLC , Philosophy , Mathematics , Science , Causality , If and only if...
Red Orbit · 20 hours ago
The causality and functional relevance beyond mere correlation, however, is yet to be established.
MDLinx · Nov. 25, 2014
"The only way we could definitely prove causality," Starmer said, "would be if we did a randomized, controlled trial, where a certain group of...
MedPage Today · Nov. 25, 2014