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Claire McCaskill, only 16 percent of institutions survey the climate surrounding sexual violence on their campuses. · Dec. 16, 2014
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... working to ensure that facility stays in Missouri.” Blunt’s fellow Senator from Missouri, Democrat Claire McCaskill, was named to the top...
Vida en el Valle · Dec. 15, 2014  Explore story »
Senator Claire McCaskill, for example, voted against the bill.
BusinessWeek · Dec. 15, 2014  Explore story »
Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, found that more than 20 percent of colleges let their athletics departments handle cases of sexual...
Inside Higher Ed · Dec. 16, 2014
Claire McCaskill and Gov. James Nixon to help justice and reason prevail.
Washington Examiner · Dec. 16, 2014
Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., for example, voted against the bill. A possible 2016 gubernatorial candidate, McCaskill has always positioned herself...
Milford Daily News · Dec. 15, 2014
Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. But the Congress that began with leadership challenges to House Republican Speaker John Boehner;
BusinessWeek · Dec. 14, 2014
Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee and pushed for the provision in this year's annual defense bill. · Dec. 14, 2014