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... ties to Wall Street, and the flipside of that populist passion — an ardent admiration of Warren’s combative attitude to big business
The Hill · Oct. 16, 2014  Explore story »
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The sluggish economy has been a key topic in a combative campaign that pits President Dilma Rousseff and centrist senator Aecio Neves in the...
Yahoo! Finance · Oct. 16, 2014  Explore story »
You can view it here: Helen Clark's most famous television appearance is the one she likes the least - the combative interview with TV3's John...
New Zealand Herald · Oct. 16, 2014
Studios who signed Williams to a movie contract in 1951, only to have the country star later pull out of the deal after a combative meeting.
Rolling Stone · Oct. 16, 2014
"The police need to protect themselves (with tanks, weapons, and other combative gear)," said another white student, "because the protesters...
Huffington Post · Oct. 16, 2014
But she started using phrases like “our side” and “your side” to have combative discussions.
Toronto Star Online · Oct. 16, 2014
... a rolling central platform for the Academy’s front office, where many of the play’s key scenes, both combative and romantic, take place.
Valley Advocate · Oct. 16, 2014
Not overly combative, Glover made great strides in his second year with the NTDP and Minnesota has done a nice job in recent years of...
Hockey's Future · Oct. 16, 2014
Neal said Zane is the boisterous, combative one, and Nelson is analytical and quiet.
Los Angeles Daily News · Oct. 16, 2014