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... bred at the institute are now roaming the American plains, eating prairie dogs, their staple diet, and trying not to get eaten by coyotes.
Washington Post · Jul. 27, 2014
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... of the locals — as if, having survived gang warfare in Honduras, the trek through Mexico, predatory coyotes and the scorching Rio Grande...
Washington Post · Jul. 27, 2014
Coyotes that, unable to persuade Mexicans to cross the border, have now turned their sights to Central Americans.
Huffington Post · Jul. 28, 2014
This well-intentioned law, however, has been abused by cynical coyotes able to convince naive relatives that a path is now open to get their...
Chicago Daily Herald · Jul. 28, 2014
Arizona Coyotes : Y'know, when you look at it all laid out like this , the Coyotes' only additions this offseason being Sam Gagner (a player...
Yahoo! Sports · Jul. 28, 2014
Two Arthurs, one Basket There is only one way that the Market Basket chain — with its “More for your Dollar” legacy — remains a truly family-
Boston Herald · Jul. 27, 2014
... had to and continue to make -- either a dangerous journey through Mexico led by often nefarious guides or "coyotes" where if they make it to...
Huffington Post · Jul. 27, 2014
... road non-conference schedule as they head to Vermillion, S.D. to take on the South Dakota Coyotes. The Coyotes also appeared in the NCAA...
Kgan · Jul. 28, 2014
87th pick when Anton Karlsson (brother to Carolina pick Erik Karlsson ) was selected by the Arizona Coyotes . Karlsson came into the season...
Hockey's Future · Jul. 28, 2014