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... religionists who do not adhere to their extreme interpretation of Islam. ... the centuries, the Yezidi have been dubbed as "devil worshippers," ...
Times of Oman · Aug. 16, 2014
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... of several towns captured by the Sunni militants who view the community as "devil worshipers" and demand conversion to Islam under threat of... · Aug. 15, 2014  Explore story »
... and Islam. According to both Christianity and Islam, when God created his angels one of them rebelled against him and became the devil, source...
Irish Times · Aug. 15, 2014
... is the devil... [But] even the devil does not deny God... So the devil is ... concluded, “There is a God.” Muslims will serve Islam much ...
Turkish Daily · Aug. 15, 2014
... but has, over time, blended in elements of Islam and Christianity. ... the peacock a demon figure and refer to Yazidis as devil worshippers.
Times of India · Aug. 16, 2014
... minority fled the militants, who consider them "devil worshippers". ... spent five days trying to persuade villagers to convert to Islam and ...
Reuters India · Aug. 15, 2014  Explore story »
“He told me that the Islamic State had spent five days trying to persuade villagers to convert to Islam and that a long lecture was... · Aug. 16, 2014  Explore story »
... vowed to kill the Yazidis, calling them "devil worshipers." Yazidis ... It has ties to Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
CNN · Aug. 15, 2014
... like ISIS, accuse them of being devil worshippers. Their religion is not like any other ; it combines elements of Islam, Judaism, Christianity...
Stranger · Aug. 14, 2014