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Ms Ellmers and her fellow Republican dissenters on the bill have become the focus of anger from anti-abortion conservatives, who are...
BBC · Jan. 23, 2015
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... in the 1960s – protests that altered the conscience of our nation and created a legacy for future dissenters.” Waubonsee is a two-year...
WorldNetDaily · Jan. 23, 2015
– Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and others – that do not accept the results of elections, that murder dissenters with no semblance of due...
Jerusalem Post · Jan. 24, 2015
... before Vladimir Bukovsky managed to smuggle out 150 pages that documented the silencing of political dissenters with the aid of psychiatry in... · Jan. 24, 2015
... took his job took the parliamentary party by surprise and his angry rebuke of those who are whispering to the media silenced the dissenters.
Irish Times · Jan. 23, 2015
... voting committee may drag on interest rate expectations, especially as we lose the two hawkish dissenters from 2014 (Richard Fisher & Charles...
Daily FX · Jan. 23, 2015
Republican lawmakers responsible for delaying a controversial abortion bill are on notice from conservative activists in 2016. “I believe in
The Hill · Jan. 22, 2015  Explore story »
Turns out, Saudis to use our military vehicles to protect against dissenters. · Jan. 23, 2015
But among the 14 dissenters is an influential voice: the former boss of the office that hatched this plan." Wiener refers to Harriet Tregoning...
Planetizen · Jan. 22, 2015