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... relating to the regulatory framework in Kyrgyzstan , adverse changes in ... has made assumptions about: the Company's business, the economy and ... · Jul. 07, 2014
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... in Urumqi shortly after China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan jointly had ... system and capability by boosting the local economy and improving the · Jul. 04, 2014
... the rights granted by IFAC, and the size of the economy where the translated ... Russian is an official language—Belorussia, Kazakhstan, and ...
International Federation of Accountants · Jul. 03, 2014
The bank’s authorized stock is over 1.5bln US dollars. The member-states are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.
ARKA News Agency · Jul. 03, 2014
Tuesday for a five-day working visit, said Kyrgyzstan is willing to learn from Mongolia's experience in democratic election and market economy. · Jul. 08, 2014