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The terror group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continued its brutal ... suffered a resounding defeat in the midterm elections, even as
MSNBC · Dec. 19, 2014
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... greyhounds have taken a hand in white powder from Iraq, in September 11 ... as Obama's party was defeated in the last elections, they attempted ...
Pravda · Dec. 19, 2014
... to vote for his party in the 2016 assembly elections, Shah said that ... took all possible steps to bring back the Indian nurses stranded in ...
Sify · Dec. 19, 2014
... trying to shake off last month's midterm elections that brought ... The U.S. is maintaining troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to help local forces
Central Florida News 13 · Dec. 19, 2014  Explore story »
Russian sanctions, containing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and ... the productive weeks he’s had since the midterm elections , which he
Washington Post · Dec. 19, 2014  Explore story »
The elections showed two sides of the political landscape. ... together with new threats in the region (such as Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan), have
AsiaSource · Dec. 19, 2014
... has also witnessed ISIS's rampage across Iraq--a disaster for Iraq's ... for mass participation in Syria's June presidential elections as well ...
AINA · Dec. 19, 2014
Corporate spending to influence federal elections would not “give ... Troops surged in Afghanistan and withdrew from Iraq.
Global Research · Dec. 19, 2014
... migrants from as far away as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are streaming ... of a presidential vote that could trigger early general elections, ...
Malta Independent Daily · Dec. 19, 2014  Explore story »