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You have seen what ISIL [the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant] has done ... since 2002, winning three consecutive parliamentary elections in 2002
Turkish Daily · Dec. 18, 2014
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Failed to initiate open elections. ... For instance, the U.N.-approved ban on oil sales by Iraq was vastly more effective than America’s
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... received the message from voters in the midterm elections or has ... in Ukraine to the rise of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq to an ...
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... since his party lost control of the Senate in the November elections. ... with the growing threat of Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria
Wall Street Journal · Dec. 18, 2014
... expanded the ability of big money to influence elections, reduced the ... It will be on the scale of the "run up" PR campaign to launch the ...
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He believes our troops should maintain a presence in Iraq, and that America should even consider taking control of the Iraqi oil fields to... · Dec. 18, 2014
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” Some of this criticism is deserved, especially on Iraq and Syria ... Democrats got pasted six weeks ago in the midterm elections , Obama has
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Jihadists who have since joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group claimed ... “are turning you into infidels with these ...
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