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None are very easy to hum along with. Still, the creative filmmaking offers some ideas for future concert documentaries.
Contactmusic · 45 hours ago
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It's a bracingly fresh approach to filmmaking for writer-director-producer Agnes Trouble, who's far better known as the designer agnes b. At...
Contactmusic · 45 hours ago
Jerry Ochoa doesn't do that, and he's at least Medina's equal in local music-video filmmaking.
Houston Press · 26 hours ago
This event is open to all that participate in the filmmaking process, including writers, actors, production and post-production professionals...
San Diego Reader · 28 hours ago
"Coherence" is not just smart science fiction: it's a triumph of crafty independent filmmaking, made with few resources and big ambition.
IMDB · 38 hours ago
The tropes of American independent filmmaking — in this cast, the tale of a latchkey child wandering the city — are a deceptive red herring in
IMDB · 47 hours ago
The movie is directed by two former stunt men, David Leitch and Chad Stahelski. They’ve pared their filmmaking debut to the bare essentials.
New York Daily News · 41 hours ago  Explore story »
This is by-the-numbers filmmaking of the worst kind and it yields a bloated, overlong thriller that will probably be worth its three-hour...
NDTV · 24 hours ago  Explore story »
... talented newcomers, a true representation of the rich and diverse range of today's independent filmmaking," Joana Vicente, executive director...
UPI · 43 hours ago  Explore story »