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At a drugs trial in England last month, an expert ... A “hen” referred to an eighth of an ounce (short for Henry VIII, which is quite clever
Toronto Star Online · 3 hours ago
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... the kind of place only a naive schoolgirl could love, and I took home a poster of Henry VIII. ... moved herself and her waxworks to England, ...
Globe and Mail · 8 hours ago
... to Henry VI’s murder that was forgotten soon after Henry VIII separated the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church. Mad king Henry...
MSNBC Newsweek · 13 hours ago
On this date: In 1543, England's King Henry VIII married his sixth and last wife, Catherine Parr.
Sacramento Bee · 47 hours ago
... only by elderly, overweight men who indulge in too much rich food and too much wine, with King Henry VIII of England as a prime example. · Jul. 11, 2014
Field of the Cloth of Gold spectacle, based on a summit that took place in 1520 between King Henry VIII of England and King Francois of France.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel · Jul. 11, 2014
The most famous is of course King Henry VIII who twice visited the castle, and even today five ... is the only Tudor castle in England that is a
Financial Express · Jul. 10, 2014
It is home to Arts Council England's sculpture ... built to house the remains of the Mary Rose, a warship launched by Henry VIII in 1511. The ...
Arts Journal · Jul. 10, 2014  Explore story »