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... people who define themselves not by what makes them different from other people but by the humanity that we hold in common.
US Embassy Chile: Santiago · 2 hours ago
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“For JetBlue, whose brand is based on humanity and connection,” Waldeck said, “it’s important they acknowledge the serious nature of...
Boston Herald · 2 hours ago
Lucy goes through a personality change as her power grows; in a way, she loses her humanity. It was fascinating to work on that with her.
JoBlo Movie Emporium · 3 hours ago
I wish I did. To be a megastar and yet maintain a ­humanity is very hard. But in the end it actually doesn’t turn me on, not really.
Daily Telegraph Australia · 3 hours ago
What is art but an expression of humanity, one that leads to a sense of purpose and outcome for the community?
Arts Journal · 3 hours ago
“Our sport offers deep benefits to humanity in general.
IAAF · 4 hours ago
... does not represent world Jewry.” Others characterized Israel’s invasion of Gaza as a crime against humanity including one side that read... · 4 hours ago
... who died on the plane, of their relatives, friends, and of all who share with them a common humanity, writes Andrew Hamilton SJ in Eureka...
CathNews · 8 hours ago
... indie sensations “Cube” merged with “Oldboy,” “Snowpiercer” balances violence with a pondering look at humanity and its survival. · 8 hours ago