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Synths twitched like fried wires, drums galloped with hard-core backbeats and dance-hall vocal samples hung in the air with humid doom.
Los Angeles Times · Apr. 13, 2014
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It can be intensely hot and humid. There is little public transportation, and even under normal conditions traffic can grind to a halt.
Los Angeles Times · Apr. 13, 2014
18. If it were so hot, humid and muggy that it woke you up, would anyone have a duvet over them? · Apr. 14, 2014
“The risk of heat stroke raises in hot and humid weather coupled with vigorous exercise, dehydration, too much direct exposure to the sun...
Manila Times · Apr. 14, 2014
... in 2005 (featuring Delta Burke , Frances Sternhagen and Christine Ebersole ), a bigger mess than a Southern hair-do on a hot, humid day.
Broadway World · Apr. 14, 2014
... struck by the natural beauty of the place as well as the fact that country life in a hot and humid climate by itself dictates many differences...
Milford Daily News · Apr. 13, 2014
Keep the young plant in a light, warm humid place so it can establish strong roots.
Houston Chronicle · Apr. 12, 2014
... preferred to vote in the cooler morning hours and prevent themselves being got caught in the hot and humid conditions.  The decision of the...
Navhind Times · Apr. 12, 2014  Explore story »
... states and unfamiliar with the terrain and situation, normally get easily exhausted due to heat and humid conditions of forested areas of...
Times of India · Apr. 12, 2014  Explore story »