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News, Defense Media Activity WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2015 Army National Guard soldiers who were ... 16 from Texas and 40 from Iowa. Guard Troops from
United States Department of Defense · 44 hours ago
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Ernst is the 01:04 first female combat veteran to join this. She was in the 01:07 US army reserves and Iowa National Guard for 21 years.
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... was military policy where Ernst, an Iraq war veteran and a lieutenant colonel in the Iowa National Guard who was wearing camouflage-patterned...
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... hogs on an Iowa farm,” Joni Ernst once said in 2014 campaign ad. Back then, Ernst, a former colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard, was...
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... take a full-time legal position with the Iowa Air National Guard. Col. Suellen Overton, who has served in the Iowa Air National Guard since ...
Daily Nonpareil · Jan. 19, 2015
... warrior in a fiery speech in Iowa on Saturday ... and got huge applause when he said he'd deployed the Texas National Guard to the border ...
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... o Post-game analysis: Purdue-Iowa: GoldandBlack ... in overtime: Big Ten/National o ... Sam Patronaggio (1953) Offensive Guard, ... · 1 hour ago
Sarah Palin's speech at Saturday's Iowa Freedom ... yet admitted to being caught off guard by what ... The Democratic National Committee, ...
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... to shut down the opposition's strongest guard. ... He was the 1951-52 National Player of the Year ... could watch Butler, Mercer, Northern ...
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