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Among his books is "Understanding Iraq, Violent Politics and Understanding Iran." The medieval ... in the Crimean war of 1854. In the Crimean war
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... be falling apart. Iran is gaining more influence than the U.S. in the outcome of what is essentially a proxy war against ISIS in Iraq. The U.S...
UPI · 3 hours ago
... scandal, which revealed that the United States was supplying Iran with weapons during the eight-year war with Iraq, despite the crisis over...
Arab News · 3 hours ago
... air strikes hit the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ... Iran on Sunday his regime is working on “reconciliations” to end the brutal civil ...
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He hailed the recent agreement reached between Iraq, Syria and Iran on a continued cooperation ... period of time to help end the war against Syria
CHINAdaily · 25 minutes ago
... his policy on nuclear talks with Iran as clear ... He ran on a platform of winding down the Iraq War and made his views crystal-clear on ...
Business Insider · 1 hour ago
But Iran is watching. I can only imagine what the ayatollahs in Iran ... price for what now the president has called not an act of war but just an
CBS News · 3 hours ago
Ghent was signed in Belgium ending the War of 1812 ... Likewise in Syria and Iraq where internal ... conclusion to the nuclear talks between Iran ...
History News Network · 1 hour ago
... not deem Sony hack an act of war WASHINGTON - U ... forces launch 13 air strikes in Iraq, three in ... EGYPT (TV, PIX), moved, 300 words) ...
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