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... that followed later in the decade, owing in part to the Iranian revolution and then the Iran-Iraq War, which affected production in those...
ABC Online · 33 hours ago
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... the Cold War, the numerous conflicts in Africa and Asia that each claimed millions of lives, or the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq that...
Disinformation · 31 hours ago
— was just outside the Strait of Hormuz, off the coast of Iran, while Iran and Iraq were approaching their sixth year of war with each other.
Minneapolis Star Tribune · 26 hours ago  Explore story »
Newt Gingrich agrees, as do eager warriors in both political parties, those who promoted war with Iraq and now oppose a nuclear deal with Iran.
Al Jazeera · 43 hours ago  Explore story »
IRGC that is running operations in Iraq.” The ... the regular military duties of defending Iran's ... Therefore, its actions and possible ... · 39 hours ago
... in Kurdish territory divided between the states of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran, follow an ... as a weapon in attacks amounting to war crimes ... · 42 hours ago  Explore story »
... negotiated settlement to the Syrian civil war is ... conference also come as Russia and Iran, Syria ... the Islamic State group in both Syria ... · 39 hours ago  Explore story »
... against ISIL, Iran still considers itself at war ...   December 9, 2014: Government officials from Iran, Syria and Iraq men in Iran to ...
Strategy Page · 45 hours ago  Explore story »
During the height of the Iraq war, these militias were responsible for the deaths of hundreds ... and-control into the hands of Iran.” She cites
Yahoo! News · 36 hours ago  Explore story »