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... technologies for separating the fermentation products of ABE include gas stripping (GS), liquid-liquid extraction, pervaporation (PV) and... · 26 hours ago
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... and (3) separate the solid-phase CNTs from the liquid-phase dissolved tissue via centrifugation. A two-step extraction method using Solvable... · 26 hours ago
... such as grinding, or grinding tissue in liquid nitrogen), sonicating ... salmon sperm through an extraction experiment using the extraction ... · 26 hours ago
... and buccal dispensing products and extraction technology, suppository delivery systems, salves, creams, gels, lotions, and liquid extracts.
Town Hall · 38 hours ago
... methods for producing coenzyme Q10, namely, i) extraction from animal ... step for fermentation production, and the quality of seed liquid ... · 26 hours ago