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... of our patrimony that culminates in citizenship extinction on falsehood ... the past seven-plus years and how virtually all local journalists ...
Daily Sun · 37 hours ago
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... at the Natural History Museum already have some questions they’re itching to get answered: Are local flying squirrels near extinction?
Los Angeles Daily News · 46 hours ago
... to work under the stress that the possible extinction of their jobs ... A spokesman for the Teamsters local that represents the workforce said ...
New York Daily News · 34 hours ago
To manage U.S. soldiers who would break into local homes and abduct ... the 5,334 species that exist in the sea, 262 are under threat of ...
Foreign Policy In Focus · 45 hours ago
... has always been subject to the realities of our local and national economy ... for the Performing Arts (Saving Art from Extinction), to ...
SF Weekly · 46 hours ago
... and strengthening of regional and global partnerships, to nip rhino poaching and smuggling in the bud and save the species from extinction.
Mangalorean · 45 hours ago  Explore story »
... and understanding to enjoy Christopher Nolan's sci-fi drama about the search for a habitable planet when earth is on the brink of extinction.
Mangalorean · 29 hours ago  Explore story »
... that the universal service doesn’t follow Mail Rail into extinction. ... Christmas, Gordon invited me up to address his local constituency ...
New Statesman · 46 hours ago
... choma (roasted meat, usually goat) and bottles of Tusker, the local lager. ... We are in the midst of the biggest mass-extinction event since ...
Peak Oil · 26 hours ago