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... dB analog-to-digital converter for high quality, low noise analog line-in playback and recording. Then there's a Class D amplifier capable of...
Gizmag · Sep. 09, 2014
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... technology and uniquely designed architectures to combine a high-performance power amplifier (PA), low-noise amplifier (LNA) with bypass... · 12 hours ago
... increase to the active RF amplifier lineup. The company is rapidly growing their selection of active components such as low noise, broadband...
Nebraska TV · 4 hours ago
... since the EDF provides large gain, high saturation power and a relatively low noise figure. ... EDF along with a semiconductor optical ... · 23 hours ago
Romeo is a wide band LNA (low-noise amplifier), while the programmable Juliet dual-channel down-converter supports all the global frequency... · Sep. 15, 2014