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... told me he was young / I said ‘Well what is that good for?’”). The track’s snide narrator perfectly encapsulating the humor that has...
Pop Matters · 30 hours ago
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... theatre debut in a leading role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz . Here, she is an attractive narrator and has the necessary vocals chops for... · 31 hours ago
His friend and admirer Chinese director Zhangke called Hou “the genius narrator passing down the memories of a nation through films.” Hou...
Smithsonian · 39 hours ago
Tony Flynn was a one man tour-de-force successfully multi-roling the opening narrator, the Prince, the apothecary and the wonderfully camp... · 39 hours ago
There is only dialogue, nothing else. No description, no narrator.
Christianity Today · 39 hours ago
” Gucci Westman: “He really was from an old world in a way: he would take his time and talk to you, and he was such a beautiful narrator. · 40 hours ago
 Her voice is played by Christina Applegate who serves as narrator throughout, which is especially helpful with all the flashback and flash...
Working Mother · 42 hours ago
Jr., the man who attempted to assassinate President Reagan in 1981. Farish cleverly portrays his narrator's psychosis by intermittently...
Creative Loafing · 46 hours ago
Nekota Shūta Morishima as Isobe Naoko Matsui as Onikiri Chika Ookubo as Kotetsu Vanilla Yamazaki as Narrator However, Naoko Matsui will be...
Anime News Network · 47 hours ago