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... actual trend in extreme winter storms. Overall, notes the U.S. National Climate Assessment, the northern hemisphere has seen a trend toward...
Washington Post · Jan. 26, 2015  Explore story »
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Realising Britain was more engaged in the northern hemisphere, Curtin delivered a famous New Year’s message: “I make it quite clear that...
Herald Sun · Jan. 26, 2015
... largest coastal saltwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere, covering 109 ... is characterised by bushland and wetlands while the northern shore ...
Brisbane Times · Jan. 26, 2015  Explore story »
Although its status as northern railhead was short-lived (passing on to ... you will find one of the largest sundials in the southern hemisphere.
Brisbane Times · Jan. 26, 2015  Explore story »
... bordering Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname on the northern coast but ... between Guyana and North Korea unprecedented in the Western hemisphere.
Japan Focus · Jan. 25, 2015
Northern Hemisphere-based George Ryder Stakes winner Gordon Lord Byron has also been targeted by officials. Originally published as
Adelaide Now · Jan. 25, 2015  Explore story »
The image above shows a 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) wide crater in Mars’ southern hemisphere, its northern wall and coated with frozen carbon...
Discovery Channel · Jan. 25, 2015
This chart shows Northern Hemisphere temperature changes over the last 10,000 years, based on ice core data.
Power Line · Jan. 25, 2015
... most New Zealanders had assured themselves — rightly or wrongly — that any nuclear war would be fought in the northern hemisphere.
Herald Sun · Jan. 25, 2015