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That plan, involving two return trips to Melbourne from the northern hemisphere, was always going to be at the expense of another British...
Sydney Morning Herald · Oct. 27, 2014  Explore story »
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It's a wonderful mountainous area with pine-clad crags, the start of the Saguenay fjord, the most southernmost fjord in the northern hemisphere.
Huffington Post · Oct. 27, 2014
... he made sure that at least one version of each of the three big Spring races in Melbourne have now been won by a Northern Hemisphere raider.
Sunshine Coast Daily · Oct. 27, 2014
... a player gets to rest each season." Hopley believes the international window in June - when the northern hemisphere teams visit the south - is...
BBC · Oct. 27, 2014
November sees the Australians embark on a challenging tour of the northern hemisphere where their already over-stretched playing resources...
Al Jazeera · Oct. 27, 2014
Within five years, sulfur levels and temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere were nearly back to normal.
Yahoo! Singapore · Oct. 27, 2014
In early July the Kondor-E launch date was delayed until the northern hemisphere’s autumn, and after an expected September 30 firing, a new...
Daily News South Africa · Oct. 27, 2014
If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, good for you. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is about to rear its pale skin and chapped...
Surfing Magazine · Oct. 27, 2014
[ Aurora Photos: Northern Lights Dazzle in Night-Sky Images ] In the Northern Hemisphere, the auroral zone runs along the northern coast of... · Oct. 27, 2014