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15-16:00 - Shadow chancellor Ed Balls to speak late morning - Also debates on foreign affairs and Northern Ireland - Questions remain about UK...
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"Northern Ireland has strong software engineering talent and offers quality and cost advantages to support our growth." Northern Ireland's...
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The Labour Party is to set up an independent commission to examine the economy in Northern Ireland and investigate how those on benefits or on low
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Many decisions taken in England would inevitably have significant spillover effects on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.In a fully federal...
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... cede more powers over tax and spending to the Scottish Parliament, and said England, Wales and Northern Ireland needed more control over their...
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The prime minister has promised devolution changes that will be fair to the people of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
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... from the central government in London and toward the regional administrations that govern the nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
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... have no say on similar matters that affect Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Unlike Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, England doesn't...
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On Thursday 55 percent of Scottish voters voted against breaking away from England, Northern Ireland and Wales to become an independent...
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The former first minister told BBC Wales that Northern Ireland and Scotland were both better treated than Wales by the so-called Barnett...
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