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... in the sample being South Korea and Russia), liberalization is associated with higher real GDP growth per capita, lower inflation rate, higher... · 20 hours ago
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... committing to reducing their emissions at least 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, or to cutting their per capita emissions to below two tons.
Environmental Defense · 21 hours ago
5 million GDP (per capita):  34,945 The positive:  Yet another Nordic country, Sweden has relatively low numbers of traffic deaths per year...
Wall St. Cheat Sheet · 22 hours ago
... include the following: – The slowing of per-capita vehicle miles traveled (VMT). After increasing for decades, VMT per capita slowed in the...
Business Spectator · 18 hours ago
While the data isn't broken up by region, per se, it's obvious where the players are. "No state has as high a per capita output of Division I... · 21 hours ago
... of library uses in a year and divide it across the Hamilton population, the average number of uses per capita in 2013 was 32, about the...
CBC · 23 hours ago
... six are all nations with significant populations, soccer experience and a relatively large income per capita (although the authors' figures... · 18 hours ago
... of hours worked per person (across the whole population) is set to be much the same in 2050 as in 1980. Unsurprisingly, then, per capita...
Business Spectator · 20 hours ago
... loss refers to food that gets spoilt along the supply chain and in sub-Saharan Africa, food loss per capita is  estimated at 120-170 kg...
Mail & Guardian Online · 20 hours ago