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... by 0.7%, for the first time after steep peak-to-trough losses of 24.3% since 2009. Market value per capita is below average at $53,000... · 16 hours ago  Explore story »
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A low per capita income may stall people from spending more on exorbitant high-speed bundled communication services and HD-DVR-based digital...
Yahoo! Finance · 13 hours ago  Explore story »
... has a 2013 market value of $2.5 billion which translates to a high $202,232 market value per capita, further evidence of the high wealth... · 16 hours ago
Per capita and median household income levels are about even with state averages and slightly above national averages. · 17 hours ago
... are asking our legislators to support full funding for transportation.” Michigan has the lowest per capita transportation funding and gas...
Detroit News · 12 hours ago