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Pope Benedict XVI (the previous Pope) called homosexuality an 'inherent moral evil', Pope ... it when asked about gay marriage, "Who am I to judge
Times of India · Oct. 15, 2014
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... moved away from the assertion of former Pope Benedict XVI that homosexuals are "inherently disordered." Bishops sidestep issue "I feel like...
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Houston Chronicle · Oct. 14, 2014  Explore story »
... have appealed to the Pakistani government on Asia Bibi’s behalf, including Pope Benedict. ... I asked Ms. Ispahani why Pakistan’s blasphemy · Oct. 15, 2014
When Pope Benedict XVI claimed [in 2005] that condoms are not the solution for HIV, this had a ... I made the choice not to have children because I
Nature · Oct. 15, 2014
... discover that he has a soul, a history and a life.” That was from Pope Benedict XVI in Rome in ... As with when Pope Francis said “ Who am ...
National Review · Oct. 13, 2014
I could hardly believe what I was reading as I ... t see the gloom and doom and apocalyptic horror that Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI and
CNN · Oct. 13, 2014  Explore story »
Yesterday after I went to Confession , the priest asked me ... of the synod, just about everything Pope Francis says, and the reset that Pope ...
National Review · Oct. 13, 2014
... to ban me from speaking at a conference because I quote from Pope Benedict's books about Jesus. In that latter respect I recall the words of...
Christian Today · 5 hours ago
MDT PM Pope Benedict XVI leads a ceremony of baptism for 21 newborns in the Sistine Chapel at the ... "I am convinced that the Vatican Museums, in
Airdrie Echo · 16 hours ago