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CDC issued new infection-control guidelines earlier this week calling for the type of training and protective gear used by workers in Africa...
Wall Street Journal · 18 hours ago  Explore story »
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The weeklong training includes infection control and how to use the personal protective gear.
CNN · 23 hours ago
The clinic has some personal protective gear but not the full-body suits and expertise of an isolation ward.
Dallas Morning News · 18 hours ago
... officers working on the case of New York City doctor who was diagnosed with Ebola discarding their protective gear in a sidewalk trash can. · 18 hours ago
The dead bodies are there, and families are taking care of their loved ones. They don't have any protective gear. That has to be stopped.
Medscape · 21 hours ago
In a video, Bucks also modeled the protective gear health workers wear in West Africa, showing viewers the many steps it takes to properly...
New York Post · 22 hours ago
Post that the biggest concern for transit workers right now is making sure they have the right protective gear for cleaning up hazardous waste.
Huffington Post · 22 hours ago
... totaled $2,600 for two vehicles--a damaged engine and work vehicle exposed to tear gas - MFD also requested $2,211.15 in protective gear.
WDTV · 19 hours ago
... guidelines for health care workers stress practice and procedures in donning and taking off protective gear while contacting Ebola patients. · 21 hours ago