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... are some people still willing to come and stay at the protest area. ... fruit around sit-ins was more pleasurable while listening music in the
The Nation Pakistan · 15 hours ago
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For any youthful transgressive endeared to punk as a protest way of ... it's called something like "audience response." Gorilla Music is one
SF Weekly · 15 hours ago
... style, the strict use of only diegetic sound and music intensifies the ultra ... That passive acceptance and inability to protest — to ...
Hollywood Reporter · 17 hours ago  Explore story »
14  Outcry in Yemen Tens of thousands of people protest in Sanaa for ... Music Festival People who want to attend the annual Electric Zoo music
Yahoo! News · 13 hours ago
She had to face the music later as she was thrashed by her family members. ... the first man to raise a voice of protest against intergenerational
Times of India · 15 hours ago
... later more than 100 women staged a "nurse-in" at the store to protest. ... little to the imagination at the recent MTV Video Music Awards) do ...
CNN · 13 hours ago  Explore story »
... in Jacksonville, Fla., during an argument over loud rap music in November 2012 ... At a protest Aug. 19, Officer Ray Albers, from the ...
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette · 14 hours ago  Explore story »
Blockers-squatters playing music at Le Bloc. ... through, that gives any squatter enough time to inhabit, change, reform, protest, and convert ...
Go Nomad · 21 hours ago
... get the cassettes, under the counter.” The Shifty catalogue started with anti-establishment punk and protest music, but grew to more than 60...
Mail & Guardian Online · 36 hours ago