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... on the political right, argue that it undermines the rule of law . The ... not only to refrain from prosecuting violators, but to decree that ...
REASON Online · Dec. 16, 2014  Explore story »
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Antiochus IV issued a decree in 167 B.C. that was pretty cut and dry. ... Manger scenes spark lawsuits by atheists, and courts rule in favor of the
WorldNetDaily · Dec. 16, 2014
... in the day, Jackson, the mayor, gathered reporters at City Hall to discuss ongoing negotiations of a consent decree, the result of the Justice...
Washington Post · Dec. 16, 2014  Explore story »
Using a confidential decree to sidestep the 1982 constitution, Erdoğan ... quickly, transparently and in a manner consistent with the rule of law
VOA News · Dec. 16, 2014
... the atrocities, the barbarity justified by religious decree, we hear ... And the rule of law, with our societal values, must be accepted and
The Australian · 35 hours ago
... defence forces and higher bureaucracy, till the advent of British rule. ... article with the following words : “So, the move to decree the ...
Counter Currents · 37 hours ago
... prime minister if he is not approved by Jan. 12, when the terms of all members of both houses expire and the president can rule by decree.
Rock Hill Herald · Dec. 25, 2014
... series of anti-government protests to demand that Martelly step down due to claims he is seeking to rule by decree after January 12, when the...
Outlook India · Dec. 25, 2014