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... can enjoy from a number of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, white water rafting , hiking, jungle tours, snorkeling and scuba diving. · Aug. 18, 2014  Explore story »
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Right from sky diving to scuba diving and mountain biking, the daredevil corporate prefers “any sport that is a threat to her life” and...
Mid Day · Aug. 17, 2014
“The good thing is I lived. It was the closest I’d ever been to drowning. I’ve done a lot of scuba diving, I’ve done free diving ...
Gulf Times · Aug. 17, 2014
Stevens dons scuba gear to accompany Earle as she examines the ... all the fishermen own tourist boats and they take them out diving and they have
Manila Bulletin · Aug. 17, 2014
... seafarers an opportunity to sail the Sea of Cortes as in Jacques Cousteau style--snorkeling, scuba diving and water sports--with special fares... · Aug. 16, 2014
Palau's water is also warm and clear. It's not for nothing that Palau is considered a top, if not the top , scuba diving destination.
Huffington Post · Aug. 16, 2014  Explore story »
Local operators are used for activities such as scuba diving or water skiing. Tours and excursions are offered shore-side at extra charge.
Brisbane Courier-Mail · Aug. 17, 2014
Be it windsurfing, kayaking, yachting, water skiing, scuba diving or simply lazing on the sun-baked sand for the perfect tan, Sri Lanka offers...
Gulf Times · Aug. 16, 2014
Robby's e-mail was a fantastic surprise and boon that brought back memories of sailing and scuba diving with them when they were kids, and I...
MassLive · Aug. 17, 2014