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Put simply, the computer security gains outweigh the public security losses. I like this argument.
Washington Post · 28 minutes ago
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Johnson had just four catches for 24 yards on Sunday, despite 11 targets. Ryan Fitzpatrick simply had a terrible game. · 2 hours ago
“…Jevons is making a more subtle case for the role of error in innovation, because error is not simply a phase you have to suffer through...
Time · 2 hours ago
A.J. Green is simply one of the best three wide receivers in football.
USA Today · 2 hours ago
Despite published reports that major plot changes were being made, particularly in the third act, this simply isn't true;
Hollywood Reporter · 3 hours ago
Jonny then defends himself by saying that his date was calling him rude things, so he was simply defending himself. · 3 hours ago
Call it a fairly complete fold-up by a defense that simply doesn’t do that.
Sporting News · 3 hours ago
Yes. It will continue to outperform the market. Simply because of demand. We are able to get in and perhaps able to get in on the first day.
Bloomberg · 4 hours ago
They’re simply replacing retirees. As a result, labor force growth now is about a third or less of the post-1950 average.
Washington Post · 5 hours ago