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No faction has a monopoly on dodging responsibility. ... be, these Jews say, that the Jewish people or the Jewish state sinned, betrayed, robbed
Forward · 22 minutes ago
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... was providing an income for town until the monopoly cigarette company ... scheme was meant to develop a dairy industry for the state and to ...
ABC Online · 31 minutes ago
... in 2005 and its assets seized and sold off at state auctions, where they were then scooped up by rising state energy monopoly Rosneft.
Moscow Times · 8 hours ago
... for Cabcharge, which has long enjoyed a virtual monopoly for business ... in most states, except Victoria, where the state government recently
ZDNet · 6 hours ago  Explore story »
Now it seems ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State, may have adapted ... The game, called Bürokratopoly, is something like Monopoly, except ...
Public Radio International · 9 hours ago  Explore story »
Chemists, for example, are keen to keep their monopoly on selling ... the face of the unions of the SNCF (state rail company) and the EDF ...
Canberra Times · 8 hours ago  Explore story »
... company faces a government investigation over alleged monopoly actions ... The head of China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce
TMC Net · 8 hours ago  Explore story »
Nearly every surface is devoted to knickknacks–a 3-foot-long pencil here, an Ohio State Monopoly board there–or stacks of books. · 13 hours ago
... can grow so big that the state will again control all of Russia’s oil, Sechin said the country won’t return to state monopoly in the...
BusinessWeek · 16 hours ago