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Edouard is producing some significant open ocean swell that will begin to show at Central Florida beaches on Wednesday, providing big surf and...
Central Florida News 13 · Sep. 14, 2014  Explore story »
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KEN Hinkley watched the play at Subiaco much like a surfer sits on a cliff and scans the ocean. Looking for a swell. Looking for a hint of wave.
The Australian · Sep. 14, 2014  Explore story »
Like a tidal swell, the dancers move up to the prime minister's car to ... the Djang'kawu sisters, who first emerged from the ocean and spawned the ...
Malaysia Sun · Sep. 14, 2014
Anyone who spends time in the ocean knows how to read the subtle and not-so-subtle happenings thanks to currents, swell and riptides.
Monterey County Weekly · Sep. 13, 2014
... career is supposedly receding faster than a Bondi swell, Jules Lund is ... He also insists he is not an ocean and surf person.
Daily Telegraph Australia · Sep. 13, 2014  Explore story »
... one of his opening rides, looking in rhythm with both the ocean and his ... out there are just peaks because of the wind swell, but there’s ...
Surfers Village · Sep. 12, 2014
Trish O'Donnell as she gazes out to the Indian Ocean, the horizon empty ... several years in the early 1990s. "During the non-swell season, it wasn
Brisbane Times · Sep. 13, 2014
Everyone's well-dressed, prosperous and attending swell parties. ... toward a nuclear bomb to be set off in the Pacific Ocean, instead of simply · Sep. 12, 2014
... and a message into the Pacific Ocean. Melvin Clary loved the ocean so ... it kept washing back to shore because of the wind and swell, Tang ...
New York Daily News · Sep. 11, 2014  Explore story »