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“The finding of the tefillin, a parchment scroll in a small black box, is absolutely extraordinary,” Fischer said.
Prague Post · Dec. 12, 2014
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... morning service in one of the lounges in the chateau when the Reform woman entered, wearing tallit and tefillin, and sat herself down in the... · Dec. 10, 2014
"Four innocent and pure Jews," he said, were "slaughtered" while "wrapped in tallit and tefillin," the prayer shawls and leather straps that...
Camera · Dec. 08, 2014
> On God and religion: “I grew up praying in the morning and laying tefillin.
Baltimore Jewish Times · 18 hours ago
  The program administrators will bring with them a pair of tefillin, a prayer book and a yarmulke.
California, State of · 32 hours ago
“Could you let me use your siddur, talit and tefillin ? And could you help me put the tefillin on?
Jewish Ledger · 41 hours ago
Invite them over for a Shabbat dinner, introduce them to tefillin or Shabbat candles.
Cleveland Jewish news · Dec. 12, 2014