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... were the first team ever to go 8-0 to start a postseason, and at 11-4, Kansas City posted the best postseason winning percentage (.733) by a... · 24 hours ago
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... applied for a provisional patent and hope to eventually market the chair and recliner for under $1,000. | TAMMY LJUNGBLAD The Kansas City Star · 24 hours ago
... a year in which he won the Golden Ball award for best player at the ... boy from North Carolina put a spell over the Kansas City Royals, ...
Buenos Aires Herald · 33 hours ago
How about having the nation’s best snow removal services? Can you imagine Kansas City making some magazine’s “10 best cities” list... · 47 hours ago
Starting in Kansas City, avoid QB Alex Smith (spleen) who is sidelined ... Hoyer is expected to be the backup, at best, as rookie Connor Shaw gets · 37 hours ago
... with operations in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Kansas. “Most service companies and [oil and gas] operators will try their best to get...
Wall Street Journal · 36 hours ago  Explore story »
... compiled 13 stuffs at the line of scrimmage, while holding some of the best rushing teams in the league like Kansas City and Buffalo to some...
International Business Times · 26 hours ago  Explore story »
One of the best movies that unites a motley crew is “ The Wizard of ... by Judy Garland), who lives with her aunt and uncle on a farm in Kansas. · 30 hours ago  Explore story »
... a business trip in facing his former team the Kansas City Chiefs, with ... five passing plays of 40-plus yards, tied for third best in the ... · 28 hours ago  Explore story »