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... department's police dog has died from poisoning. The sheriff told the East Oregonian newspaper ( ) that the Umatilla Police...
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-- It's no bull.State police and a western Pennsylvania cattle owner are looking for a 2-year-old bull that has been missing for more than a week.
Miami Herald · 31 hours ago  Explore story »
Police and students clashed during which they pelted stones at each other in Imphal on Tuesday.
The Hindu · 40 hours ago  Explore story »
The family of shooting victim Sammy Yatim has launched an $8-million lawsuit against the Toronto Police, saying officers used “excessive and
CNEWS · 30 hours ago  Explore story »
... the Department of Justice's pattern or practice investigation into allegations of police misconduct by the Newark Police Department, and, as...
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ANKARA: Turkish authorities on Tuesday arrested 55 senior police officers in a criminal probe over alleged corruption and abuse of office, the latest ...
Hindustan Times · 44 hours ago  Explore story »
Police in Atlanta say a Raleigh woman who defrauded a businessman out of $175,000 was identified by a selfie...
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Police are warning the public of an email scam attempt titled either “TASK-2014!!” or “Wal*mart.” The email is sent from “Wal*mart,” and
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By , Authorities in Hyattsville arrested a 29-year-old man who Metro Transit Police say abducted his 15-month-old daughter at a Metro station.
Washington Post · 30 hours ago  Explore story »