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Rice is naturally low in sodium and cholesterol free and contains traces of fat and no saturated or trans fats.
Prepared Foods · Apr. 11, 2014  Explore story »
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American Thinker · Apr. 10, 2014
When blood darkens our streets, our victims will dance in theirs, no doubt, so why are our trans-fat asses still parked at this sad cul-de-sac...
Dissident Voice · 17 hours ago
... the Free Press Test Kitchen.) (Nutrition information: 274 calories (26% from fat), 8 grams fat (2 grams sat. fat, 0 grams trans fat), 32 grams...
Merced Sun-Star · 55 minutes ago
Also, ground beef from grass-fed cattle has 2 grams more saturated fat plus trans-fat than the patty from grain-fed cattle.
Prairie Star · 1 hour ago
... is one of the largest Popcorn markets in the world, favored widely among the consumers for its saturated fat and trans fat free benefits.
PR inside · Apr. 10, 2014