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A Palestinian youth stands next to a wall painted with graffiti, outside a house which Jewish settlers … JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli guards
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... year's festival also featured on-site demonstrations, a still-life Instagram contest, a photo booth, and a free-standing graffiti art wall.
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Graffiti depicting the logo of Basque separatist armed group ETA, is seen in the northern Basque village … Juan Carlos Iglesias Chouzas, a ...
Yahoo! News · Oct. 19, 2014
Little surprise then that graffiti scrawled across the door of Memorial's Moscow headquarters this year read: "fascists".
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Graffiti, including the words "price tag" and the name of a nearby Israeli settlement, Tapuah, were spraypainted on the mosque.
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Detroit Graffiti Artist Antonio "Shades" Agee Adds Inspired Commissioned Art to Warehouse MyLocker commissioned renowned local graffiti artist...
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