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[25/January/2015] ANKARA, Jan. 25 (Saba) – Turkey considered the current situation in Yemen deeply worrisome and portends negative implications for ...
Yemen News Agency · 4 hours ago
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Turkey was a major contributor to the humanitarian aid effort at the height of the 2011 famine and Ankara continues to build hospitals and...
Reuters Africa · 3 hours ago  Explore story »
Meanwhile, a group led by the Felicity Party (Saadet Partisi) marched in Ankara for the love of Prophet Muhammad and denounced terrorism on...
Turkish Daily · 2 hours ago
... the famine-hit Somali capital in two decades and came during the holy month of Ramadan to stress that Ankara was not going to abandon "their...
Al Jazeera · 7 hours ago  Explore story »
Ankara: A Syrian refugee child has been beaten by a restaurant manager in the Turkish city of Istanbul for eating a customer's leftovers, local media ...
Gulf Daily News · 12 hours ago
... by actors in the international community, who had promised him that Turkey would facilitate peace talks, only for Ankara to harden her stance.
Cyprus Mail · 12 hours ago
... s steps, not making policy changes regarding falling oil prices, Saudi economy and foreign affairs ANKARA - As Salman bin Abdulaziz becomes...
Turkish Press · 21 hours ago
Central bank plan could decide to buy €50 billion each month in government debt to stimulate economy ANKARA - The European Central Bank will
Turkish Press · 23 hours ago
ANKARA - The European Central Bank left its key interest rate unchanged Thursday, ahead of its expected announcement of economic stimulus measures.
Turkish Press · 23 hours ago